1. Basics

1.1 Using 0x0 services means accpting our terms

If you interact with service in any way, you agree whit terms written in this document.

1.2 This document evolves over time

I have right change this document any time. If there are changes, you will receiv annoucemens by the service you are using, as you must agree to continue to use this service.

1.3 Breaching ot terms

Breaching any of theese termes (and 0x0’s rules) may result in immediate deletion or remote blocking of your account (or server). If you think there was a mistake you can contact administrator.

2. Support

Support is provided over email that can be found on homepage.

3. Play nice

3.1 Using this service

You agree to follw 0x0’s rules (above) and Geman/European law while using this service.

You will not do any harmful or malicious activities, or otherwise any kind of behavior considered “mean”.

3.2 Illegal content

Any kind of illegal or harmful content will be removed if found. It also leads to suspension or remote-blocking of your account. Please contact us to provide details if in the need for reporting

4. Account creation

4.1 Email

In order to create your account, you must provide a valid non-throwaway email-address. We use this to verify your account, to notify you about messages or invites or to provide you a way to reset your password. Usecases may vary depending on the service you are using.

This address will never be shared with 3rdparties.

4.2 Minimal age

As we want to keep personal data stored about you at a minimum, we can’t ask you to verify your parents consent in case you are between 13–16 year old. As a consequence, you must be at least 16 years old in order to be allowed to use a tchncs service. Exeptions may occour according the laws of your residential country. See also: https://gdpr-info.eu/art-8-gdpr/

5. Restriction & termination

Your account might get restricted, blocked, disabled oder entirely terminated based on our sole discretion, without prior notice or any liability to you.

6. Encryption

A 0x0’s service may allow or force you to encrypt your messages and uploads using end-to-end encryption. Some countries have specific laws you must comply with when using such a feature. You are responsible for checking this in advance. If we learn about such a law being violated by you, we have the right to suspend your account without notice.

7. 3rd Parties

Parts of this service are actually provided by 3rdparties (such as Maigun for emailing) Please take the 3rd parties data protection notes into account.

8. Warranty

0x0.sk does not come with any warranty what-so-ever. You are using it at your own risk. You acknowledge that we do not control any 3rdparty contents and that at no point and kind of warranty is given.

9. Emergency service calls

Even tho technically a call-feature may exist, it is over the internet and does not support any emergency calls what so ever.

10. Sub-processors

  • Infrastructure (Servers)

    • Hetzner
    • Contabo
  • Non-Server Infrastructure

    • Netlify
    • Cloudflare
    • AWS
  • Email Providers

    • Fastmail
    • Protonmail
    • Mailgun
  • SSL/TLS Certificate Authorities

    • Let’s Encrypt
    • AWS
  • Payment Providers

    • Paypal

11. Document history

  • July 18, 2022 - Initial version
  • August 21, 2022 - Update clausue 1.1 Using 0x0 services means accpting our terms
    • remove (registerred as a user / remote instance - if federation supports it) as there are services that you allow to use them withou registration
  • ** August 31, 2022** - Added Sub-processors

This document was derived from https://tchncs.de/tos