• Wiki - 0x0’s official wiki
  • mstdn.quest - Federated social site
  • Gitea - A painless, self-hosted Git service (ask for account)
  • Drone - Unlimited continuous integration builds for you projects
  • Hastebin - A place to share you code snippets
  • Minio - A S3 compatibile storage service (ask for account)
  • Send - Simple, private file sharing (Max filesize: 512MB, Expires after:1 hour or 1 day or 1 download)

If you interact with service in any way, you agree whit terms written in Terms of service.

Internal services

  • Guacamole - Remote desktop over web (Behind zero trust)
  • Homer - Server dashboard
  • Portainer - Easy selfhosted management for docker containers
  • Wireguard VPN - Like OpenVPN but easier to setup

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Where are stored my data?

Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland

Do you want your own server?

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